How to post a demo

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How to post a demo

Post by Belcross » Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:38 pm

Okay to convict a hacker, you back up your story with a demo.

While in game open the console (` OR ~ key under ESC) and type the following

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record "demoname"
When you're done type:

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Don't forget to get the steamID! For that simply open console and type:

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Copy/paste/write down the string with the hacker's name in it and save it somewhere. Also if you type status while recording the demo all steamIDs will be saved in it. Whenever you play the demo again simply open the console and scroll to where the desired steamID is located.

To play the demo, open console and either type

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playdemo "demoname"

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viewdemo "demoname"
with this option you can speed up/slow down and pause the demo for better reviewing.

Your demo should be located in this place by default:


This is the format you need to post demos:

Player Name and STEAM ID:
Server #:

Add Demo

To add a demo:
You could try filefactory OR megaupload
Browse to where your demo is located:
Select the hacker.dem file, then Open
Notes or Comments (optional, but recommended): <Hacker-name Hack>
Share it with us!
Copy the link given
Paste the Link down at the bottom where Add Demo is

To Watch a Demo:

Go to the post where the demo is you want to watch
Click on the demo link
Download/View This File
Put the file in the cstrike folder:
To Watch the demo now:
Go into Counter-Strike the game
Bring up your console
type viewdemo <name of the demo file> Example: viewdemo hacker
Watch the demo!

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