Is bunny hopping allowed?

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Is bunny hopping allowed?

Post by panchito</3 » Thu May 26, 2016 5:35 pm

Is bunny hopping allowed? what about tagging a spray with "t"?

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Re: Is bunny hopping allowed?

Post by Venom » Thu May 26, 2016 6:05 pm

Spray .wad files ... as long as it's not offensive or vulgar

bhop read here" onclick=";return false;

Main rules:

-No swearing
-No trash talking
-No vulgarity
-No sexual references
-No drug references
-No saying "Nub", "beginner" "Newb", etc
-Use "wth" not "wtf"
-Do not add “f” to "omg"
-These rules apply for all languages

Cs Names:
-No swearing
-No drug references
-No invalid name chars
-No vulgar names
-No racism
-No changing name repeatedly
-3 letter minimum

-All the language rules apply
-Do not spam the mic when dead or alive
-No ghosting (when dead, telling others where ppl are in the server)
-Do not be disrespectful

-No hacking (Automatic permanent ban)
-No ghosting
-No venting (Automatic ban)
-No lanning

In game:

-Do not spam walls, boxes, doors, or crates
-Do not change your name excessively
-Do not disrespect Admins, or players
-Do not use sprays that are vulgar or have foul language/explicit images
-Do not harass males/females that enter our Servers
-Afks will be kicked after 3 rounds of being afk.
-Do not purchase more than one nade per round.
-Crouch/Silent running / B-hopping is prohibited in 40cal servers.
-No clan stacking/steam stacking.
-Ledging (looking over the walls), Skywalking or any type of map exploiting will not be tolerated in our servers!

-Do not kill the hosties
-No camping (it is your duty to plant the bomb)

-No camping (it is your job to rescue hosties/defuse bomb)

-Will be kicked if the server is getting full
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Re: Is bunny hopping allowed?

Post by Maverick » Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:41 pm

Short answer: NO!

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