There is yet another hacker in the server right now.

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There is yet another hacker in the server right now.

Post by thorlongus » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:15 am

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He is speed hacking. I really wish there was more of an admin presence on this server. Never have I seen so many hackers on the server WTF is going on?

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Re: There is yet another hacker in the server right now.

Post by F@N1 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:44 am

Gone the minute I joined. Sorry you have go through the trouble of having to come on forums to announced a hacker. I have no idea what you mean by seeing so many hackers on the server, everyday I catch at least 1-2 hackers in GG alone. I was in GG all morning today for at least 4 hours straight in spec. I was also playing for at least 4 maps before I stopped. Please don't come in here bashing about how there's a lot of hackers running around and no one watching. I can only be on for so long before I need to take a break and so does every other admin. Everybody have lives and needs a breather.

If you do see a hacker, you can hop to the other 40cal servers to see if an admin is there and call them to come to GG to check it out. I have instances where 3people so far have come into war3/l4d/ constantly where I end up playing last to call me to go help out with a hacker. They still do it as well. If you see no one on at the same time, you can try the forums next. I like to reiterate that we all have lives and can't be on the servers 24/7. We also have 5 other servers to rotate around and watch so we can't watch all 6 at once. Another fast way to contact admins is to actually befriend them on steam, and if they are online you can message to see if they have time to hop in.

Thank you :)
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