randomness' tips for zombie fighting!

whats your strategy?

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randomness' tips for zombie fighting!

Post by ssenmodnar » Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:02 pm


Since some of you know I play at the zombie server here (LEFT4DEAD), I have decided I would share a few of my tips.

Tips for Camping in a Spot or Tunnel.

I recommend a Fire or Frost AWP, autosniper, or any strong weapon. I recommend to be in spots and not tunnels as in spots you can easily escape if zombies are too close, whereas in tunnels you can't escape. (I wouldn't use Frost AWP too much, as it makes people leave). Make sure you don't stand on the edge of a spot, as Smokers can drag you away.

Tips for Running on Ground.

Any of the two AWPS above, Sub-machine guns, assault rifles or strong knockback weapons like the Galil are recommended guns. You have to be careful on ground, because zombies are faster and sometimes the pain shock doesn't work. If it does, then get as far away from the zombie as you can so you can reload safely, as zombies can knife blink or use madness. If you are not far away enough when you are about to reload, run in a zig-zag motion to confuse the zombie. I recommend buying armor (100 at least) or 200 if necessary. If the zombie uses madness, This is no problem. Buy a bazooka with your ammo packs and rebuy armor if your armor is low. Bazooka is the weakness of madness. If the HP of the zombie is about 700, bazooka rocket = frag. I would also buy Anti-Drag so that Smokers can't get you.

Extra tips

I would use a class such as Coach for camping, definitely, as Coach is immune to infection bombs. Just be careful though. When you antidote and you have Coach class, Coach loses his protection and an infection bomb can kill him.

I would use Nick class for running on the ground. Nick has speed. He is faster than Smokers, Boomers and Chargers and he would escape infection bombs (if you have good instincts).

If you are jumping out of a camping spot. Make you move left and right to pick up speed. Similar to a Bhop.



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