Fishing: nice catch!

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Re: Fishing: nice catch!

Post by CaptainJamesTKirk » Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:49 pm

Fishmonk wrote:your floundering on humor
At my job it's ok to be a little "shellfish"
Fishmonk your such a crab. If I drive my barracuda down there think I could get some tuna and I'll slip you a fin? My stingrays in the shop. Or would you tell me don't you come trollin' around here? By the way I thought you were a drummer not a fishermen or was it a bass player? Also is your name Gil or Marlin? All this fish puns are giving me a haddock so I think I'll stop here before I eel over and end up on the deck flat as a mackerel.

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Re: Fishing: nice catch!

Post by Fishmonk » Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:32 am

I whale on the drums on Porpoise. I am not too dorsal to play bass. I told my friend Sal ,I said
Sal,mon diss Kirk mon he be shrimping for seafood puns and he wants tuna for just a fin? He needs to shell out a little more for dat Tuna. This thread is going at a snail pace.
Ok I'm going to clam up.

The hand that dips into the bottom of the pot will eat the biggest snail. Wole Soyinka

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