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Zen 4

Post by rip » Tue Sep 06, 2022 12:34 am

So, going to build my first all new PC in a few years. In addition to going the games things, I work on some linux projects, 3d modeling, machine tool paths for CNC milling, etc., and my current 8 core can be completely floored for an hour or more doing some jobs.

Going to wait until after CES (January) and let others be the guinea pigs for the initial roll out, so the first couple of bios updates exist, PCE 5 SSDs are out in force and more importantly, the 13th gen intel and probably the x3d variants will be announced, pushing prices down a little from the initial bloodbath.

Probably 16 core, 32G ram or more (2g/core isn't excessive), 5.0 boot and probably some 4.0 storage ssds and we'll see what nvidia is doing at that time. Cuda cores HIGHLY preferred for some of my apps.

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