It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

if you're taking a break let us know!

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It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by ScorpioN » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:38 pm

Dear 40cal,

It has been an absolute pleasure serving as your 4-star and adminning the servers with you all. I have recently received an offer by the owner of another clan to join their admin team for their servers.

Thank you so much, sammy, for giving me the opportunity to take part in this great online gaming community you've built and to admin the servers with such a dedicated, talented group of select individuals. 40cal was the first clan I joined and I was ecstatic when my application was approved many years ago. Our motto "40cal recruits players of character, not skill" is a motto that has always inspired me since its founding and that I know still holds true to this day. I have been playing in our 40cal servers since 2007 and have always looked up to 40cal admins for their leadership, sense of justice, and their willingness to help others. It has been an honor to follow in their footsteps.

I have made many friends here and have also taught many of you in my Shooting Classes/Scrim Classes. You have all demonstrated remarkable improvement and have proved yourselves to be not only players of character, but also skill! I am proud of my contributions and work here at 40cal and can leave knowing the clan will be taken care of, in the same mold as the great admins of the past.

At this time, I would like to give a personal shoutout to all those admins (current and all former admins) that have made an impact on my time here at 40cal:

sammy - Not gonna lie, but one of the reasons I joined 40cal was because of your Don Corleone signature! It's clear who the boss is around here! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join 40cal and promoting me from a little 1-star to a 4-star! Thank you also for responding to our suggestions for your servers. Til this day, the Gore Mod is still one of my favorites and is truly unforgettable! I hope that I have made you proud in my admin work. Thank you thank you, Don sammy! :D

Puppet/AK47, Christina, K@thoc, SKA, Just Learnin, Gandhi, SaitoHajime - You guys were the first 40cal admins I met when I started playing in the 40cal servers many years ago. If you read this, know that I have tried to follow in your footsteps as a 40cal admin and you have inspired me with your conduct, knowledge, and humor to wear the -[.40 cal ]- tag!

Kirk - May you live long and prosper! One of the greatest 40cal admins to ever do it. The first time I met you, you were a 4-star when I was just a regular. Then when I applied to be an admin, you took a break from 40cal. When I was a 3-star, I was excited that you came back! We were promoted from 3 to 4-star together and I will always remember the laughs we had in WC3. Those ScorpioN vs. Kirk votes! Haha Dude thank you so much for inviting me to my first scrim game with the peeps at on24. They were so friendly and didn’t look down on me for being a noob at all! I’ve gotta say man, you’ve got me absolutely hooked on scrimming! Your knife kills are crazy too lol. Take care, Derek and best of luck to you and Karina!

I.O.I. - It's always fun playing WC3 and scrimming with you. \v/\v/estside! haha. Best of luck to you and Kirk in the future ;)

Mario - We came up through the ranks together and there was a bit of friendly rivalry for a time. You have done a fine job and are truly worthy of being a Consig. Thank you for taking care of my unbans as well. Appreciate it! :D

Barbo – Mario’s brother man. You’re a great admin dude! Must run in the family =P

Venom - Thank you for being with 40cal for so many years. You are like our Drill Seargent! Tough but fair. I remember how you took the time teaching me how to run the scrim server commands. Thank you!

Tom - My fellow UCSD Triton. Best of luck with your college studies! Thank you for taking the time to discuss and review demos that needed unbans.

LITTLE FLUFFY KITTY - As a 4-star, you have continued taking care of the servers and helping out our junior admins. You always played on the least populated servers and servers you saw with no admins even though you could be building your character in WC3! A great friend as well.

GlazeD - One of the chillest and most responsible admins I've ever met! Your constant willingness to learn and your enthusiasm about being a 40cal admin on your Steam profile. That has always stuck with me. It didn't matter what rank you were, even as a 1-star! The pride of wearing our -[.40 cal ]- tag! Goodluck with Alexander and I wish you all the best =)

MuiR – Haha I think we got started on the wrong foot, but afterwards you were one helluva friend! Always fun playing WC3 and scrimming with you man. That scrim 40cal v. [AG] on dust2, you were top fragging CT side hell yea! I’ll always keep that demo. Thank you also for trusting me with the rcon to your private scrim server. Many people still miss that server now that it shut down, and I remember all the time people came to me and said it was the best server they ever scrimmed on! 11 out of 10 in quality! Amazing reg and smoothness. Take care of 40cal and keep in touch!

DotA – Another great admin. It’s fun playing WC3 and scrimming with you man. Wish we could’ve scrimmed more often!

Brock – Goodluck with your music career. I’ve always wanted to hear your album. You got amazing aim too! Fine motor skills definitive of a musician.

Lolcats – Mah man! Wats good! Thank you for always coming to scrim with me. You always respond and are so down to play even though you have homework to do! Epic 40cal v. AG match too! Thank you for showing up and representing 40cal! You're awesome :D

Fishmonk – I always read your quotes you include in your posts and ponder the deeper meaning of life! I can tell you are a prolific reader. Thank you sir for adding that bit of spice and knowledge to our 40cal forums!

Dante – Your 1-click has improved so much and your aim is incredible! Super chill guy too. 40cal is lucky to have you as a Captain and congratulations again on the promotion!

Hawk – Extremely dedicated admin! Back in the day, I always see you adminning the empty servers when all the other admins are crammed in WC3. Leading by example for sure. Funny to scrim with too. Boomstick! I wish you the best Hawk :D

apples – My gawd, what can I say. Dude, you got incredible aim playing on that CRT monitor! Good hertz and response times modern day LCD’s/LED’s are still trying to catch up to. #1 WC3 player rite here!

El-Plebe – I’ll miss playing CS with you man! You’re always so friendly and say “Watsup Scorpion!” everytime you see me. That’s watsup my brotha! Goodluck with everything.

Lizzie – Best of luck with everything going on in your life! I heard things are finally turning around with your promotions at work! Major congrats! Say hi to Noah for me =P

Karma/Eclipse – You you guys were the best! I’m so proud we could all wear the 40cal tag. Extremely mature young Counter-Strike players. Man those were the days! Unforgettable WC3 memories.

LadyTools – From the first time I saw you hopping in and out of the WC3 servers, I knew one day you would join 40cal and be part of our community. Call it a CS player's inuition =P. I will always remember those Undead rushes we used to do in WC3! Even on opposite teams, we would be the first ones to meet on the battlefield because we both love to rush! Haha keep in touch on facebook Lindsay! Seattle is a beautiful city.

Raidz – Man I miss playing CS with you! I remember us starting out as 1-stars and many of my earliest 40cal memories of us learning to admin the servers together! Wherever you are man, this is a shoutout to you! Your legendary FAMAS, headshots everywhere! Great times indeed =P

F@N1 – I didn’t know you were Raidz’ brother at first. It was awesome playing CS with both of you and how you both became 40cal admins. Good memories

SinRoth – I know you stopped playing CS to spend more time with your baby daughter! But just wanted to let you know man, it was great coming up the ranks together from a 1-star to a 3-star. Me, you, and Mario were the captains back then! Hope you’re doing well wherever you are Sin

Knives – It was fun playing CS with you Mike! Take care

Gravity – Haha we were joking around when you were scrimming and changed your name to “s0mething.” Lolol I was laughing so hard at the time because it was like the pro player EG.n0thing! You were one of my first CS scrim students and dude, you improved so fast! You watched a demo everyday and you got hella good! That’s dedication to learning right there, right on! I’ll never forget the first time I saw you on the L4D server and your interest in becoming -[.40cal ]-! If you ever join the Marines man, I think you’d make a great officer. Goodluck with your studies dude!

.Sui – Playground X! One of the best maps for WC3. I remember you used to always request this map. Wherever you are man, thank you for being a 40cal admin.

White_Ninja – A really dedicated admin. Back in the day, even with your heavy schoolwork, you still tried to put in the hours to admin our 40cal servers. I hope we get to scrim [AG] again sometime soon!

NTF(Spock)/Franchess – You guys got one of the coolest animated signatures in 40cal. Everytime I come across your posts, I pause for a moment to look at them. Goodluck with everything, esp. for you NTF! Thank you for checking into our forums even with everything that’s going on in your life. That’s dedication right there! And Spock, like Captain Kirk, your knife kills are scary! May you live long and prosper =P

Sparky – Pikachu! Yo man it’s been awesome playing with you! You are our FIRST LIEUTENANT!! lolol

2poor4shoes – One of my first shooting class students still doin it big! I’ll be seeing you around in Lea’s vent channel.

Nizz – Dat duo core doe! Waddup Nizz! Thank you for being one of my first shooting class/scrim class students. Ever since I saw your post on “how come 40cal never scrims”, it has inspired me to start the shooting school/scrim school at 40cal. It’s been great playing with you man! Really fun!

tr3v360 – Dude it’s so awesome to hear how well you’ve been doing in our WC3 servers. I’m so happy that my classes have helped you in sharpening your CS skills! You were one of my last scrim class/shooting class students and I’ve gotta say man, I’ve never seen such improvement in a short few weeks! Scary to think how far you’ll go in Counter-Strike. You’ll be a great player one day if you keep doin what you do and watching those pro demos! The [ i ] is strong with this one. ;)

Bluefire – That macbook is killing you bro! jk. I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to scrim more often. I know most scrims required Ventrilo and it doesn’t work on your computer =(. Hopefully with your new alienware PC, we’ll have a chance to play together soon!

Hippydave – Hey man, hope your arm is all healed up and getting better!! I look forward to playing with you more in CS.

Kyute – Heyhey TASA UCLA ftw! Haha it’s great playing and scrimming with you man. Hope all goes well at your new job and I hope we can hangout someday!

Mikebox – Dude, Mr. Cal-M! Thank you so much for your CS lessons. Honestly man, the flashes you throw and spams you do on nuke playing ramp, I do them all the time! I’ve even incorporated what you taught me into my scrim classes when I teach our 40cal members. You are the true master! The Grand Master! Thank you thank you!

Supernosman – Haha there he is! Thanks for applying to 40cal man. It’s been great finally getting a chance to play with you with your 40cal tag after playing literally FOREVER with you in our WC3 servers. =)

C-boy – YO C-boy! Man I’ve got to say dude, I’m always on the lookout for your knife kills! Haha. Oh man it’s always so great playing with you man. And we talk about football too haha. See you around in the servers homie!

Intense – Remember those good ol’ days of puggin’ it up in Threat? That’s where I first met you and I was surprised you became a 40cal admin too! Awesomeness 8-)

Bananas – Lieutenant in the Air force. A pilot! By the time you read this, you’re probably promoted to a Captain! I tell all my friends I play CS with a pilot in the USAF lol. As you said man “If you have the reflexes to play CS, you can be a pilot.” :D

DyNaMiC – Yo Joseph man, I hope everything is going well for you. I see a lot of great photos of you on facebook and honestly you look so happy and content! Goodluck with everything man and I hope we can play CS again someday.

Evangelist – I know you’re not an admin man, but you’ve been part of our community for so long I consider you an honorary member! For many years far before I’ve been an admin you’ve been contributing to our forums. Thank you so much for being with our community through the years!

Guang – And lastly, I would like to thank my first CS teacher and college roommate guang! He was the first one who taught me how to strafe shoot and how to scrim. I play deathmatch everyday as a warmup just like you taught me! Keep in touch man, and I’m so happy we can wear the -[.40 cal ]- tag together and represent the caliber of players 40cal brings to the table. :D

This is by no means a definite goodbye and I will keep in touch on the forums and in the servers. Someday, I'll be back!
God bless you all and LONG LIVE -[.40 cal ]- !!!

Strength & Honor,

Eric 'ScorpioN' Chung

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by bluefire672 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:13 am

(taken quote) if you leave us i will find you and i will kill you. My career on the web has left me with a list of skills that make me an enemy for people like you . XD hahahahahah


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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by tr3v360 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:44 am

You were my cs teacher and a hell of a friend! We had sum great times scrimming man. You teached me and now I do scorp school to the newer ones that I see potential in. Man I consider you glazed and Muir the ones that molded me to be the admin I am today. It sucks to see you go but I get it. Have fun, I'll see you Ina scrim when I fix my internet problem lol.

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by LITTLE-FLUFFY-KITTY » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:16 am

I...I... I have no words. SCORPy...?!?!?!
I will message you on Facebook.

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by apples » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:44 am

Gonna miss you Scorp... Best of wishes :)

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by Not the Face! » Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:08 pm

Going to miss you. Totally cool seeing your name in white... that's a promotion in my book!

>.> NTF <.<
Mr. Spock

[[Scorpions pause... hehe]]


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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by sammy » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:01 pm

Visit scorpion at his new clan called [FEW]
here are their server ip's

[FEW] 24/7 Dust 2 Los Angeles:
[FEW] PUG Los Angeles:

lets get some scrims going :D

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by Evangelist » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:07 pm

Don't be a stranger little bro. Good luck with everything man, and as always have fun and carry on.

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by tr3v360 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:52 pm

sammy wrote:Visit scorpion at his new clan called [FEW]
here are their server ip's

[FEW] 24/7 Dust 2 Los Angeles:
[FEW] PUG Los Angeles:

lets get some scrims going :D
Lol -[.40 cal ]- vs [FEW].
Ooo that's ganna be fun lol. Boo and blue stick ns now they got scorp grrrrrr lol well better practice fam I can't wait!!!

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Re: It is time. - ScorpioN's Resignation =(

Post by tomwzhere » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:45 pm

Sad to see you go. Good luck in your future clan!

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