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Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:56 pm
by Belcross
Smoke Grenades

Ok smokes are useful if they're enabled

Smokes are meant for areas such as doors or tunnels where there's an area you can be spotted from

Double Doors


Sides of Boxes

Open Areas

THey're a good diversion and they also help preventing an awper from hitting you accurately

it's also used to throw off a teams communication..

They see a smoke at long

so they tell their team to come long

well while smokes are at long

rest of your team goes the opposite way either coming from behind or to the other site to plant

it's very helpful as a diversion and as a disability for the other team

New Updates

okay's a couple more tips with smokes...

What other things can you do with a grenade that spews smoke you ask? i said before...smokes can be used as diversions...but it can be an even bigger one...when fighting 1 on 1 with another player...or any can use a a FAKE FLASH!...yes, that's right...throw the smoke the way you normally would if it were a flash...use the terrain to make it seem like it's a flash...and immediately peek the corner...while the opposing player is turning can easily take him out from the back...

fake flashing is another way to pick up a few kills every round