HE Grenades!

whats your strategy?

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HE Grenades!

Post by Belcross » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:55 pm


ok people tend to throw these early in the round

however that will not be effective unless there are multiple nades to follow with your own

here's a tip to use with HE nades

Save them for mid/late round

because usually enemies are at half health or enough to get that nade kill you always wanted

but also if you are shooting at someone and you know they're weak feel free to toss a nade to finish them all if you think they're falling back

nades are very effective in scrims

as they help take an advantage of rushes and helps you to defend the site if you're ct also as a terrorist with the bomb down they help you defend the bomb in case of a defuse

well hopefully it helps

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