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Oh hai application

Post by Lunes82 » Mon Dec 21, 2020 2:49 pm

Personal Information!
Name: Scott
Cs Game Name: Lunes
Email address: Bedsiderat@hotmail.com
Steamid: STEAM_0:1:569795778
Tell us about yourself: Fulltime bum living in the new depression!
Age: 35
Gender: M
Location: US
Hobbies: Bars, Music, Cars, Painting.
Job: Forklift Operator
Favorite .40 cal server: Deathmatch
Comments: I'm not the best at describing myself, I use to play cs back in 1.3 the good old days with WON before STEAM came along and sadly I thought cs was better than but that's a mood point lol.

Joining Information!
How long ago have you played in .40 cal Servers?: 2017
Why are you interested .40 cal?: Fun server, and I am more use to Deathmatch games now.
How did you hear of .40 cal?: Random luck
Are you a member of another gaming community?: No
Will you be a dedicated member to .40 cal?: Yes
have you been a member/reg before?: No
Do you have a working mic?: No

final membership qualification! (answer yes or no to ALL SEVEN questions below)
1. I understand (ADMIN IS FREE) admin 8 servers!...donations are appreciated! Yes
2. I understand I can be terminated for abusing my admin and/or server rules? Yes
3. I understand I may be asked to admin a specific 40cal server on demand? (when needed) Yes
4. I understand I must have my (own STEAM ID) which will not be shared with anyone! Yes
5. I understand I will always wear the 40cal tag proudly and never alter/change my name/tag ever! Yes
6. I understand I will be terminated for being inactive in the servers and forum over 30 days! Yes
7. I understand I must be logged in the forum when playing in the servers! Yes

Personally guys I don't even want to be requested to have admin privilege I just want to be part of the clan more if anything else, I'd love to help donate though if possible. This is probably the last community that is keeping 1.6 alive for lots of old school players.

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