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Post by sLiM[v] » Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:22 pm

Personal Information!
Name: Duy (dewey)
Cs Game Name: sLiM[v]
Email address:
Steamid: STEAM_0:1:4068571
Tell us about yourself: Old guy looking for love
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Location: California
Hobbies: NBA, NFL and games
Job: Telecommuter
Favorite .40 cal server: Deathmatch
Comments :
I've encountered many cheaters in both the DM and GG servers but couldn't do anything except record a demo and post it on the forum. I figured I'd apply so I can keep the servers clean and full of players, especially, very late at night when there isn't any admin on. I've played since 1.3 and competed in CAL/ESEA. With that said, I'm more than confident when I say I can spot a hacker from a mile away. The cheater doesn't even have to interact with me for me to notice. In conclusion, I like playing in the servers and would like to help other players enjoy the servers as well.

Joining Information!
How long ago have you played in .40 cal Servers?: 2 months (daily)
Why are you interested .40 cal?: Good servers, fun maps, chill people
How did you hear of .40 cal?: I simply stumbled upon
Are you a member of another gaming community?: No
Will you be a dedicated member to .40 cal?: Yes
have you been a member/reg before?: No
Do you have a working mic?: Yes

final membership qualification! (answer yes or no to ALL SEVEN questions below)
1. I understand (ADMIN IS FREE) admin 8 servers!...donations are appreciated! Yes
2. I understand I can be terminated for abusing my admin and/or server rules? Yes
3. I understand I may be asked to admin a specific 40cal server on demand? (when needed) Yes
4. I understand I must have my (own STEAM ID) which will not be shared with anyone! Yes
5. I understand I will always wear the 40cal tag proudly and never alter/change my name/tag ever! Yes
6. I understand I will be terminated for being inactive in the servers and forum over 30 days! Yes
7. I understand I must be logged in the forum when playing in the servers! Yes

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Re: Application

Post by vvcvbx » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:44 pm

he's got 10/10 skills in my own opinion and he'll help clean sv for sure. I see him in dm a lot.

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Re: Application

Post by sLiM[v] » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:09 am

I appreciate the kind words.

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