new halo updates coming soon!

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new halo updates coming soon!

Post by sammy » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:59 am

i just got a pm from our 40cal scriptor!

[quote=Vechta]Hey sammy,

I now will have time for your mod.

Here is a list what I was thinking about.

-There will be 50 Levels that must be gained by XP (Kills)

-All levels & XP will be saved in mysql database that no players lost their Levels anymore.

-There will be a Respawn system, players respawn every 10 seconds, upgrade available for it.

-There will be a Weapon menu and the weapons will be by levels, start with shitty weapons and get better and better guns.

-Weapons will be possible to save and last selection function

-Upgrade menu will be also there here is a list of upgrades what I was thinking about.

Health (Max 20 Upgrades, +10HP on every upgrade) Cost 10XP
Armor (Max 10 Upgrades, +20Armor on every upgrade) Cost 5 XP
Gravity (Max 5 Upgrades, always .1,0 Gravity, max 400 gravity) Cost 20XP
Speed (Max 6 upgrades, +10spd on every upgrade) Cost 30XP
Grenades (Max 1 Upgrade, 2HE, 2FB, 2SG at Spawn) Cost 50XP
Super Shield (Max 1 Upgrade, Against Human classes ultimates), Cost 100XP

Human classes:

Classic - Balanced (Level: 0)
Nuclear - Explode on Button & after death (Level: 10)
Orc - Create Lightning like Wc3ft (Level: 25)
Frozen - If pressing button and Aiming at enemy he freeze (Level: 35)
Captain - Have Rocket luncher with 5 Rocket (200Damage Shoot) (Shoot delay 2 seconds) (Level: 45)

XP list (Gain)

Killing enemy: Random 5-8XP
On Death: Random 1-2XP
Chain lightning kill: 3XP + Random (5-
Bazooka kill: 5XP + Random 5-8XP

If you get more suggestions please tell me..[/quote]

well guys.....give some suggestions! sammy

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Re: new halo updates coming soon!

Post by AKRocker » Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:28 pm

Nice sammy :) If you need help with upgrades just tell me :)

Oh and my suggestions:
Invisibility (Not all the way but partial)
Upgrade knife (stronger knife)
Not sure about this one but disguise? Have to level up bout 10 times to get it?

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