Dedicated Servers!

     Chat with all you cs buddies in the new 40cal chatroom. No registration is required. Just type in your cs name and start chatting with friends.


  The new 40cal myspace is hot! click the button and get to know all your fellow cs'ers on a more personalized level. 40cal is proud to have this cool addition! Add us to your myspace today!


   40cal also has chickenmod installed.
   Be a jerk and get the ultimate reward
   of being turned into a chicken! Bok!


  Please help support 40cal by making
  a donation today! All donations go to
  the cost and up keep of the servers!













        cs_dust_40cal           de_aztec_40cal        cs_office_40cal

        Custom half life mapping by 40calgames


  Welcome To  California -[.40 cal ]-

 The best online gaming community in the world!

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      California -[.40 cal ]- LEFT4DEAD!
      California -[.40 cal ]- CLASSIC NO AWP!
      California -[.40 cal ]- HALO!
      California -[.40 cal ]- GUNGAME!
      California -[.40 cal ]- CALL OF DUTY!
      California -[.40 cal ]- DEATHMATCH!
      California -[.40 cal ]- WARCRAFT3!
      California -[.40 cal ]- DIABLO!             


    All regulars may scrim in our scrim server!

                        Post a scrim challenge today!


  Welcome to the California  -[.40 cal ]- servers. We offer a variety of games such as counterstrike Warcraft3 Deathmatch Juggernaut Flame-tag Gungame KZ Jump Surf and more. Once in the game , you will experience one of the most friendliest gaming communities of all time. While in the game, you may navigate to any of our 8 servers by typing /servers without exiting the game.

  40cal offers something that most other clans don't. We allow our regulars to scrim with us in our elite server. here at 40cal, it's all about fun for everybody. Do you think you got what it takes to scrim? Post a challenge in our forum today!


  40 cal is basically a family community. We are not just a group of people who labeled ourselves. We are a growing community that serves a purpose, and that pupose is a well built family and brotherhood. Some people are not dedicated to a server. Our goal is to create a safe and clean enviornment for all players no matter what age can play in. We are unique compaired to most servers.We have admins who constantly do there best to make sure people who play here are happy. Not only are those admins great at what they do...they do their job with a passion and dedication. The reason we do this is because we care. We have many people who apply each week and they see how we treat each other within our community. Regulars are not beneath members. We are all family. We have asked many regulars what they like about us and why they continue to play on our servers everyday. They all say the same thing! "we love it here" I think the standards we have set are what other clans and groups can only dream of carrying out. We are well organized and deeply caring about keeping our servers well kept up and watched over. if you wish to be a part of our gaming community. please post an app today!






       Welcome to -[.40 cal ]- 

        Enjoy the servers!

             Have Fun!

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